I’ve Got News for You. So Lets Get the Ball Rolling.

Hey guys, this is the first post on my new site “Victoria Concordia Bergkamp”.  Thought I would start with a little introduction, for those who don’t already know me (shame on you) I’m James Cook, better known to the Twitter world as @CookieElGooner. Anyway I used to write a blog for http://savagegooner.wordpress.com/, named after the great man, @SavageGooner (go follow him) however the site folded and since then I haven’t done as many pieces as I’d like to have done. Thanks to @goonerdave66 and @OPosts also for giving me opportunities to write for them. Launching my own site means that you can read my pieces more regularly, right here! So why “Victoria Concordia Bergkamp”? Well for those who don’t know, Victoria Concordia Crescit is the Arsenal motto which when translated to English means ‘Victory Through Harmony’. Why not replace ‘harmony’ with ‘Bergkamp’? He embodies class, everything good about the man Arsenal represents. So that’s why the site is named what it is.

This website will be more of a feature page with tactics, analysis and solutions rather than news however as it’s the first piece I will analyse and discuss the events which have occurred over the past week.

First things first there’s a big game on Sunday. Win it and we secure Champions League football, we go one step closer to secure the signing of Yann M’Vila ( something I will go into more detail later) and we are also more likely to secure the signing of a world-class player who has scored 37 goals this season and goes by the name of Robin van Persie. For me he’s important signing we can make this summer (with the exception of someone like Messi or Ronaldo of course); confirming the long-term future of our captain, our talisman, would send out a message to other teams that we mean business because quite frankly I don’t know where we’d be without the Premier League’s best player and highest scorer.

Onto West Brom, who are a mid table side with seemingly nothing to play for. However as we found out against a resilient Norwich last week and against an unattractive Stoke the week before, midtable teams will not rest on their laurels. If we drop points then we give Newcastle and Spurs the initiative, something which could be detrimental to our hopes of Champions League next season. Even 4th might not be good enough, with Chelsea the underdog who just won’t give up, facing the favourites, Bayern Munich in the final of the Champions League. Let’s hope they lose. Just because they’re English it doesn’t mean I want to see  that despicable ‘man’ John Terry lift that elusive Champions League trophy (shivers).

The Baggies are most likely to line up in a 442 formation this weekend. Arsenal meanwhile will most certainly play in a 4231 formation despite the calls from several bloggers this week to stick with the side and formation which turned the game on its head last Saturday, only to concede a badly defended goal shortly afterwards and leave Arsenal fans in a state of disarray. On a personal level I think now is not the time to toy with new tactics, that can wait until the summer. For now we need to put faith in the system which will see us end up on a higher points tally if we win than last season, despite the turmoil which was present near the start of this campaign.

Onto my next topic, Yann M’Vila. For those who don’t know, M’Vila is a tough tackling, intelligent and technically gifted 21 year old from France who has forced his way into Les Bleus starting line up thanks to a number of solid performances over the past year. Earlier this week it was announced on http://youaremyarsenal.com/blog/general/2012/arsenal-got-their-yann/ that Arsenal had all but signed the Frenchman, numerous other media outlets backed these claims including French journalist Julien Laurens, claiming that the deal was 99%. Despite the excitement that Arsenal may have finally made a big money signing, Arsene Wenger refuted these claims stating that “It’s not true, [there is no interest] at the moment. We have not been in touch with anybody, we have not made any offer to anybody and we are nowhere near to buying anybody at the moment. We are focused on our final game of the season.” As Arsenal fans we are well used to the manager denying deals only for them to be confirmed later on, however that statement sounds quite forceful and assured, contradicting the idea that Yann is already an Arsenal man. I guess we’ll have to see what happens but for now I’m not going to make any more judgements on whether the deal is done until its revealed on the official site, then all credit can go to @AlexFortyNine for first reporting it.

Finally, the club will lose one of its most loyal servants in its history with the departure of Pat Rice this weekend from his post as assistant manager. Pat has dedicated 44 years of his life to this club and given his all in every minute of every season, maybe some of the players should look at his example when they step out on that pitch instead of jogging back when the defence is 2 against 3, especially one whose role is to play defensive midfield or even our own centre back who in my mind needs to be less cavalier and leave the attacking to the attackers. The introduction of Neil Banfield and Steve Bould will surely help to shore up the defence with Banfield’s reserves only conceding 25 goals in 22 games this season and former Arsenal centre back Bould’s under 18’s conceding 36 in 28 games. admittedly Bould’s defensive record with the youth this season has been by no means impressive, however the presence of error prone centre back Elton Monteiro and lack of alternatives meant that options were limited for Bould in defence.

Overall I think the introduction of the two B’s, Bould and Banfield will benefit the first team greatly. Although not an Arsenal man, Banfield has a great knowledge of the game and will pass that knowledge onto the seniors.

So that’s my first piece, hope you enjoyed it. Dont forget to follow me @CookieElGooner. Cheers guys.

Almost forgot, it’s Bergkamp’s birthday. 43 years of pure brilliance and artistry. Amen to that.

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